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Benefits Of Giving More Time To Regular Bible Study

Regular studies of scriptures come with a lot of benefits to all believers. There multiple things that happen in life which robs believers of what truly matters. The book of Psalms mentions the vast thoughts of God and the vastness of the creator’s mind. The following are the main benefits of regular scripture study.

When believers spend their time on the bible on a regular basis, they get direction on how they should lead their lives.

The word of God is the lamp to the feet of believers and a light to their paths while on earth. It is necessary to regularly study the bible because it gives direction and offers guidance in life. If you diligently study the bible, you gain confidence that God has not abandoned you and that He is always leading through the scriptures.

The other benefit of regular bible study is the assurance of God’s answers to prayer. The remarkable verse in John 15:7 mentions that if we abide in Jesus and His words stay with us, we could ask anything we wish and it shall be done . This is an amazing promise that means as long as we diligently read God’s word, His heart and mind will be opened to our lives as well as for people we live and interact with on a daily basis. It is clear that when believers read and study the scriptures on a regular basis and with a sincere heart, God promises to answer their prayers with delight.

The other benefit of regularly reading and studying the scriptures is that your faith becomes stronger. In Romans 10:17 we learn that faith comes from hearing the scriptures . When Christians honestly go through the scriptures, their faith improves and they trust God more.

The other benefit of regular study of the scriptures is that it offers nourishment so that believers can mature. Jesus mentioned that a man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that God speaks. That means life as we know it is more than eating and enjoying the pleasures in this world. There are many challenges that come to Christians and in order to emerge victoriously and lead a life of honor, you need spiritual maturity and that only comes from regular studying the scriptures.

The word of God equips believers to be strong enough to overcome temptation that will come their way from time to time. When you study the scriptures on a regular basis, you become strong enough to say no to sin and lead a life of obedience and service.

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